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The Disorientated Express, probably one of the most luxurious trains in the world, is always fully booked. Even now, in 1938, with war looming menacingly on the horizon, her luxury Pullman coaches are packed with travelling rich and famous making their way from Istanbul to Constantinople. The train has excelled in reliability and punctuality over the years, but today all that is about to change. A famous rocket designer known as Werner Von Black, has been discovered in his sleeping compartment - dead.

The only question is: Who killed him?

You have been invited to dinner to help solve the murder of Werner Von Black.

Where:Royal Hotel Walcha

Time:  5.00pm          

Date: 11thOctober, 2014

RSVP: kathryn.connell@activ8.net.au

Please RSVP to me and I will email you the character profile and ‘weapon’ which you need to carry. We have a limit of 26 people, so please be one of the first in.

There are 6 scripted parts who give out the clues. If you would like a scripted part please let me know. If you would like an investigation part, with no public speaking, just let me know please.

You need to make your own booking for accommodation at the Royal Hotel at Walcha on 67771117.

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