Rides & Social Events
Rides & Social Events

A four day weekend (as they all should be!) is planned for the run out to the Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo.

Starting on Friday 28th Feb and returning home on Monday 3rd March.

Some info from the boss man himself:

We will be stopping at the Dubbo City Holiday Park on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, and returning on Monday the 3rd February. 

There are two options for accommodation.

Studio Cabin for 2 Adults at $100/night with $100 deposit.

Deluxe Cabin with 2 separate bedrooms for 4 adults at $163/night ($81.50/night per couple) with $135 deposit.

If you haven't a couple to share with contact Barry (0403 001 124) and he will try and organize pairings to cut down costs. 

P.S. Admission to zoo is $46 each or if you have a senior's card $32.50 (hint: Bring your cards). 

More updates closer to the event.                

Contact Barry on 6583 7702  or  0403 001 124

Can't guarantee that there will be any babies around, but I'm taking a couple of travel crates just in case!

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